Stall Barn A


•       145 - 10’ x 10' Expo Stalls
•       Office: The dedicated office space within this barn serves as a central point for managing activities related to the care and accommodation of animals.
•       Restrooms: The presence of two family restrooms adds convenience and provides essential facilities in close proximity to the stalls.
•       LSHV Overhead Fans: The installation of Low-Speed, High-Volume (LSHV) overhead fans ensures proper ventilation within the stall barn. This feature contributes to the well- being of animals by maintaining a comfortable environment with improved air circulation.
•       Open-Sided Design: The open-sided design maximizes natural airflow, promoting ventilation and creating a comfortable atmosphere for animals.
•       Wash Bays: An added feature of two wash bays with rubber flooring prioritizes safety and provides a non-slip surface, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a more pleasant experience.

The combination of these features in Stall Barn A reflects a commitment to the well-being of animals and the functionality of the fairgrounds. The design considerations, provide top-notch facilities for the accommodation and care of animals, especially those participating in equestrian and livestock events.