About Us

The Grady County  Fairgrounds has a rich history that dates back  to its original  construction in 1939  as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. The WPA was  a New Deal program during  the  Great Depression aimed at providing employment to millions  of Americans through various public  works  projects, and  the  fairgrounds was  one  such project. During  World War II, the  fairgrounds took on a different role by serving as a Prisoner of War Camp,  reflecting the  historical significance of the  site  during  a critical period in global history.
Recently, the  fairgrounds underwent a complete renovation, breathing new  life into the facilities. Since then, it has transformed into a versatile and  modern multi-purpose event center, becoming a focal  point  for tourism in the  region. The comprehensive renovation not only preserved the  historical significance of the  site  but  also  equipped it to meet contemporary needs.