•       150’x 300' Dirt Arena: The generously sized dirt arena provides ample space for a variety of outdoor events, including rodeos, equestrian competitions, and other performances. The dimensions allow for flexibility in event setups and accommodate a diverse range of activities.
•       Covered Grandstand: The covered grandstand with 1,500 seating offers a comfortable
and shaded viewing area for spectators. This feature is especially valuable during events that take place in warm or sunny weather, providing a more enjoyable experience for attendees.
•       Additional Portable Seating: The option of 1,000 additional portable seating options
further enhances the seating capacity, ensuring that the outdoor arena can accommodate a larger audience for major events. This flexibility allows event organizers to cater to varying crowd sizes.
•       Office: The dedicated office space is a practical addition for event organizers, providing
a centralized location for administrative tasks, coordination, and communication. This facilitates efficient management of events held in the outdoor arena.
•       Ticket Booths: Strategically placed ticket booths contribute to a streamlined entry
process for attendees, ensuring efficient ticket sales and entry management. This design element enhances the overall visitor experience and helps manage crowd flow during peak times.
•       ADA-Compliant Restrooms: This feature ensures that the Outdoor Arena is welcoming
to all attendees, including those with disabilities, aligning with modern standards for public facilities.

Whether it is equestrian competitions, rodeos, or motor sports, the thoughtful design of this outdoor space contributes to the overall comfort of both exhibitors and spectators, makes it an attractive and accommodating destination capable of hosting a wide range of large-scale outdoor events.

Outdoor Arena