North Exhibit Building

•       Climate-Controlled Facilities: The North Expo boasts climate-controlled space, providing a comfortable environment for events throughout the year. This feature ensures that attendees can enjoy events regardless of external weather conditions, making it an ideal venue for both indoor and outdoor activities.
•       Event Offices: The presence of two dedicated event offices, allows for efficient event management and coordination. These offices serve as command centers for organizers, helping streamline logistics and ensuring that events run smoothly.
•       Integrated Wireless Sound System: To enhance the overall audio experience, the expo space is equipped with an integrated wireless sound system. This technology enables seamless communication during events, ensuring that announcements, performances, and presentations are clearly heard by all attendees.
•       Spacious Restrooms: The fairgrounds prioritize accessibility with large, ADA- compliant restrooms. These facilities are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and ensuring that all attendees can comfortably access essential amenities.
•       Commercial Kitchen: The inclusion of a commercial kitchen within the fairgrounds allows for the preparation and serving of high-quality meals during events. This feature is particularly beneficial for catering large gatherings, such as galas, corporate retreats, and other events where food service is a key component.
•      Concrete Floor Space: Divided into two separate sides, each measuring 100' x 125' (12,500 sqft), adds a layer of flexibility to the venue. This arrangement allows for the independent use of each side or the combined utilization of both, depending on the specific needs of events. Whether hosting trade shows, exhibitions, or sporting events, the concrete flooring offers durability and flexibility for different event setups.

 These amenities contribute to the fairgrounds' reputation as a premier event venue, capable of accommodating a diverse array of activities while prioritizing the comfort and convenience of attendees.