Junior Arena


•       100’ x 110’ Indoor Dirt Arena: The presence of an indoor dirt arena specifically designed for equestrian events, ensures that activities can take place regardless of weather conditions. This feature allows for year-round events and provides a safe and controlled environment for exhibitors.
•       Integrated Sound System: The integrated sound system within the arena enhances the overall experience for participants and spectators. Clear and reliable audio is essential for announcing events, playing music, and facilitating communication during competitions, contributing to the success of activities.
•       Covered Connectors: Covered connectors leading into the Indoor Arena and South Stall Barn offer sheltered pathways for participants and attendees. This design element is practical for protecting against inclement weather and adds to the overall convenience of the facility, especially when transitioning between different areas of the fairgrounds.

These amenities in addition to; LED lighting, numerous overhead doors, and covered connectors, prioritize quality air-flow and contribute to a well-equipped and versatile arena.