•       125' x 245' Dirt Arena: The generously sized dirt arena provides a substantial space for indoor events, accommodating a variety of activities such as rodeos, equestrian competitions, and other performances. The dimensions allow for flexibility in event setups and facilitate different types of events.
•       LSHV Overhead Fans and Exhaust System: The installation of LSHV (Low-Speed, High-Volume) overhead fans and an exhaust system ensures proper ventilation and temperature control within the event space. This feature contributes to the comfort of exhibitors and spectators, especially during events that generate heat.
•       Restrooms with Showers and Dressing Space: The ADA-compliant restrooms with showers and dressing spaces caters to the needs of our guests. This feature is especially beneficial and provides essential amenities for both comfort and convenience.
•       Integrated Wireless Sound System: The integrated wireless sound system ensures clear and consistent audio throughout the indoor arena. This technology is essential for events that involve announcements, performances, or presentations, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.
•       Event Office with Attached Conference Room: The dedicated event office with an attached conference room serves as a central hub for event organizers. This space is equipped to handle administrative tasks, coordination, and meetings, contributing to the efficient management of events.
•       Concession with Dining Space: The presence of a concession area with dining space enhances the overall experience for attendees. Whether it's a quick snack or a full meal, this feature adds to the convenience and hospitality of the venue.
•       Spacious Flexible Concrete Floor Space: The spacious and flexible concrete floor space surrounding the arena provides a sturdy foundation for various activities. This feature allows for easy customization of the indoor arena to accommodate trade shows, exhibitions, and other events that require a solid surface.

The combination of these features ensures that the Grady County Fairgrounds can seamlessly host a wide range of indoor events, offering a comfortable and adaptable environment, particularly those requiring an indoor setting.

Indoor Arena