•       125' x 305' Dirt Arena: The generously sized dirt arena provides a spacious and adaptable area for hosting a diverse range of events, including rodeos, equestrian competitions, concerts, commercial expos, and sporting events. The dimensions allow for flexibility in event setups and accommodate different activities.
•       Climate Controlled: The climate-controlled environment ensures maximum comfort for participants and attendees, making the Event Center suitable for year-round events regardless of the harsh external weather conditions.
•       Event Office: The dedicated event office serves as a central hub for event organizers, facilitating administrative tasks, coordination, and communication. This space is equipped to handle the logistics of events and well-equipped with Wi-Fi and wall plates.
•       Multiple Meeting Rooms: Multiple meeting rooms provides additional spaces for workshops, seminars, and smaller gatherings. These rooms contribute to the versatility, accommodating various event formats simultaneously.
•       Ticket Booths: Strategically placed ticket booths streamline the entry process for attendees, ensuring efficient ticket sales and entry management. This design element enhances the overall visitor experience and helps manage crowd flow during peak times.
•       Multiple Large Restrooms (ADA): The provision of multiple large restrooms, including ADA-compliant facilities, ensures that the Event Center is equipped to handle the needs of a diverse audience.
•       Shower/Dressing Space: The availability of shower and dressing space is particularly
beneficial for events and caters to the needs of participants who may require these amenities.
•       LSHV Overhead Fans: The installation of Low-Speed, High-Volume (LSHV) overhead fans contribute to proper ventilation within the Event Center. This feature enhances the comfort of participants and spectators during events.
•       Integrated Wireless Sound System: The wireless sound system ensures clear and consistent audio throughout the Event Center. This technology is essential for events and easily heard throughout all connecting arenas and stalling barns.
•       Commercial Concession: The presence of a commercial concession area adds to the overall convenience for attendees, providing food and refreshments during events.

The Event Center's modern design, coupled with its opening date in 2017, reflects a commitment to contemporary standards and aesthetics. This contributes to the overall appeal and functionality of the space capable of hosting a wide array of events in a comfortable and accommodating environment.

Event Center